Something interesting happened.. It rhymes with foolbox.

You know those days when you feel like crawling back into bed to restart your day is probably one of your best options? You know when you’ve tried so absolutely hard and taken every preventative measure to ensure something bad wouldn’t happen. Yet, it still finds a way to seep through the barriers you put in place just to prevent things like this from happening in the first place? Well, I think it just happened to me. ¬†That even though I’ve done everything I could to circumvent things like this from taking place, it’s somehow happened, and I am in complete utter shock.

Now, I understand that I’m being a little dramatic and issues like this always happen in the real world (as if there’s some sort of fake world I don’t know of). But you’d think the intense thought process that went into preventing the actions from taking place would’ve guarded me from falling susceptible. I guess that doesn’t apply in my case.

My toolbox was stolen. ūüôĀ

maxresdefault (3)In the world that we live in, we are among desperate individuals. Times are tough, jobs are hard to find. People are doing everything in their power to cheat, lie and STEAL in order to get ahead. Morality is literally a thing of the past.. I’m not only referring to common core values, I’m referring to it all! I understand that it can be hard to afford things, especially tools. Little do they know, these tools are my livelihood. They support me, they support my family and they put food on my table. I don’t understand how an individual could be at such a low point in their life, ¬†they decide it’s best to steal the livelihood of another man. Not only putting the mans living in jeopardy, but the entire families.

Maybe this had to happen? Maybe it’s Karma for me hacking racing rivals, I’m not sure. Whatever it may be that caused this, it’s not only a terrifying experience.. it is a humbling one.

Experiences like this really put everything into perspective. From how sensitive your career can be all the way down to how selfish and blatantly belligerent we are as human beings. But it’s experiences like this that teach us lessons, some of which might be even more valuable than the toolbox that had been stolen. All I can say is, I truly hope that whomever stole the toolbox from me, alongside of my tools, finds peace within himself and discovers a more legitimate pathway to making a living for himself or whoever he is providing for!

I understand the difficulties of providing sometimes. In many ways more than one, I can relate to the fellow who stole my goods. I’ve experienced the true meaning of difficulty during my younger years and had gotten myself into trouble for stealing as well. More than anything, I wish that whoever stole my toolbox and tools within it find the right crowd to surround themselves with. For me, it took the elimination of several great friendships in order to seek out better ones to really find my true pathway to success. Whether this was done in spite of my gaming hack addiction or simply at random is up for you to decide.. I’ll find out one day!

Onto finding some better tools to replace the old ones!

Are plumbers really into modifying cars?

A little while back I decided to jump the gun and make a purchase towards a 2017 Audi TT-RS. Mind you, this car is probably one of the fastest cars I’ve ever driven to date. From the heavily tuned exhaust note to the refined engine capabilities. This car is a MUST have if you’re a Motorsports oriented individual. Let me begin this rant by saying, I’m not usually impressed by cars or their looks/abilities, but this car really fits the bill. Although I haven’t topped out my speedometer, I have floored this cars petrol pedal and it’s no slouch at all. Although this car is irresponsibly fast, I tend to commute it to my workplace everyday driving it as carefully as possible. It’s a pleasure in both sectors of driving.


Now that I’ve explained what type of car I’m driving and my irresponsible mid-life-crisis driven endeavors, let me explain more about the topic of this post. Are plumbers really into modifying cars?

This question in itself is quite narrow in it’s topic, ¬†considering the fact that a wide variety of people are petrolheads. But to answer your question – a majority of my employees and competitors are all petrolheads. Which might be surprising for some, maybe not for others. The real question is WHY? Why are all these people in this field so interesting in fast cars and modifying their vehicles? The real answer is – because people who are technical and find anything of the technical variety intriguing. As plumbers, we’re known for diagnosing errors, taking things apart and putting them back together again, disassembling things to reverse engineer their principles and finding solutions for things that might otherwise confuse someone who is not a technical thinker. Because of these things, we’re naturally inclined to be attracted to modifying cars, because the purpose is¬†completely hardwired in us.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve taken this car apart for the short duration I’ve had it. Alongside, there have been many modifications I’ve performed in the four months of ownership that I’ve had this car, including lowering it, installing a full titanium exhaust, performing a turbocharger upgrade and installing a set of BBS wheels. The reasons I’m driven to do such things is not because I want a fast car or because I race my car, but because I’m always in need to improve things. Then again, I’ve always been inclined to do this. Even in my childhood I was known for taking things apart in hopes to improve whatever task this object or thing performed. After performing a little survey with a lot of peers and competitors, I’ve noticed a trend in similarities between traits us plumbers have.

Surprisingly, the one trait we all had in common was dissembling things in order to improve their performance. But that’s not the only thing we had in common – we all modify our vehicles. like I said earlier in this post, it’s practically hardwired into our brains. Although this might not be the most beneficial thing cost or time-wise, ¬†it is definitely something great experience-wise.

The reasons why plumbing is so difficult.

6382-75pxI cannot express the amount of times I’ve been asked this question, whether by a client or a fellow plumber. It seems to be the only question that circulates from person to person. Maybe it’s due to the time the plumbing process can take? Maybe this question is asked so frequently because of how many special tools and experience you must have in order to begin building piping in an efficient and durable way? Not sure.

Before I explain the answers to this question, I’ve got to explain something. Whether you’re an amateur or are new to plumbing – It’s better to leave the complicated tasks to the professionals. I cannot tell people how many times I’ve had to fix the mistakes of novice plumbers. I get it, you’re tight on a budget and you need to save some money, but that doesn’t mean you should skip corners on necessary plumbing pieces in hopes to replace it “later on”. Because, let’s be real here. The likelihood of you replacing your ineffective and inefficient plumbing later down the road is next to none. I cannot list the amount of people that have told me these horror stories, claiming to have put in a temporary solution for something so delicate and necessary. Not only will doing this cost you more time, but it’ll end up costing much more money in the long run. Because diagnosing and disassembling ineffective piping isn’t only time consuming, but costly.

So, here’s my list of several reasons why I believe plumbing is so difficult.

Sometimes, what it may seem isn’t really the case.

All plumbers that were educated heavily on refinement and improvement know that even if a certain form of piping seems to be applicable for a given situation, it might not be the most effective. There’s more than many things to account for when installing piping, such as how many residents will be living in the home, how hot the water heater will be turned up to, the kind of enclosure the piping is inside of and the utilization of things such as traps and bends. Piping doesn’t take a rocket scientist – it does however take somebody skilled enough to know how water moves.

Not everything will always go as planned.

Whether your local home improvement store is out of a certain piece of piping or your contractor/plumber doesn’t have the necessary tools to install piping for that given situation correctly. There will always be an unknown circumstance that’ll affect a situation positively or negatively, which is why you should always be weary that every situation might not go as initially planned.

The tall requests from clientele.

Sure, as an experienced plumber of around 28 years I’ve learned how to¬†handle difficult requests and follow through with them. However, when your request is to build an outhouse with a sink, operational toilet and shower and build all these things while incorporating it into your homes older plumbing to save a buck, ¬†things aren’t exactly going to work as¬†they should. More so, the consequences could be fatal for your homes current plumbing.

The limited budget

Even as a plumber, I have fallen susceptible to this one on more than one occasion. I’d like to consider myself to be a reasonably cheap person; there are definitely times where I have been completely limited budget wise and didn’t have enough money to finish or complete a project correctly or hire in a professional to take on the task for me. When you’re on a limited budget, it’s better to postpone the project temporarily than quickly find a solution and remedy it yourself. This in itself accounts for 40% of all plumbing jobs I take on.

I’ve come to homes to help people in spite of their situation only to be told that they “wanted to save some money” or “didn’t trust a professional ¬†to take on the task. Whatever your reason may be, don’t let it burn a hole in your pocket. Because nine times out of ten, you’ll spent double¬†or triple what you would’ve spent hiring a professional to complete the task for you.




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